Charity Chokers


This year I am proud to announce a new project inspired by being as sustainable as possible.⁣

I have been busy creating a load of badass chokers. But these chokers are special! They're all made from scrap fabrics and faux leathers which would have otherwise gone to waste.⁣

Each choker will cost just £15 with 20 percent of the cost being donated to Millstream Animal Shelter in Manchester, UK (this is the shelter where I adopted my fur babies!) No profit will be made from these items with all costs solely covering materials, labour and shipping.⁣

I was inspired after watching the Netflix documentary 'The True Cost'. It pulls back the curtain on the fashion industry and about the clothes we wear. Who is really making them? And what is the impact of the industry on our planet and lives?⁣

The majority of big designers put on at least 4 shows a year, whilst most high street brands design 52 'micro collections' each year. Not only are a huge number of clothes being produced, a huge amount are also being wasted.⁣

For instance, Burberry came under fire after a report revealed the company burned 28.6 million pounds worth of unsold goods in 2017. And it's not just the big designers either. H&M have also been accused of burning approximately 12 tons of unsold garments each year!⁣

Compare this to a small designer like myself. What I will create in my entire lifetime is the equivalent to just ONE fast fashion collection.⁣

You may not know this but I always make a point to limit waste products as much as possible. I create many of my garments using scrap fabrics and reused clothing (for example all of the band shirts i have worked with in the past 2 years have been from charity shops or donated and 100% of my denim items are upcycled clothing)!⁣

I hope with this project to not only start a conversation about sustainability but to encourage investing in items that are truly unique, one of a kind and, best of all, 100% guilt free! Also, don't forget you can always grab a bargain at your local second hand store! Or even mix the two styles to achieve the ultimate badass thrift babe vibe.


Neck: 13 - 15'


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